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Source Editor:
  • Code proposals
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Sitemap generator (XML, HTML, GZ)
  • Register your website with Google
  • Example HTML codes (CSS-menu, Html5 slider, messagebox etc.)

Browser view:
The integrated browser allows immediate check of your code.
  • Switch between code and browser view
  • Check immediately if your document is displayed properly
  • Get the entire text of a document without any HTML tags by one click

The design mode allows visual orientated editing of HTML documents.
  • WYSIYG HTML Designer
  • Move or scale HTML elements by mouse.
  • Format selected text

By editing in design mode you are able to create HTML pages without any knowledge of HTML. Even HTML professionals will use design mode to easily edit elements in complex pages. To edit the source code could be much more complicated and time-consuming.

Search/replace in multiple files
The maintenance of a webpage may be very complex. Usually you will have to edit multiple files. HybridL offers a feature to find/replace text in multiple files at once. Different from other applications you will get a result list to get an exact overview if and in which files a search/replace operation succeeded.

Search options:
  • You will get several options to control the search/replace operations
  • Select 'WholeWord" or "Case sensitive"
  • Decide to replace only the first match or all matches
Monitoring results
  • Search and Result list 
  • Result list contains the files where the operatioon succeeded 
  • If no matches found the file remains in the search list
System requirements:
Windows 8, 10
Screen resolution 1024x768 or better
Free space on HD 20 MB
64-bit version available for Business user.

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