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  • Sitemap generator
  • Register your website with Google
  • Code validation
  • Code proposals

Images/Image maps
Insert images and create image maps.
  • Insert images with or without path information
  • Create image maps (rect, circle, polygone)
  • Scale images

Search/replace in multiple files
The maintenance of a webpage usually requires editing of multiple files. HtLite offers a feature to find and replace text in multiple files.
Select search options e.g. if only the first match or all matches should be replaced. Or use 'Search only', you will get a search result but no changes will be made.

Monitoring results
  • The result list contains the files where the operation suceeded
  • The search list contains the remaining files (if any)

System requirements:
  Windows 8, 10
(May be used with older versions of Windows. No guarantee)
Screen resolution 1024x768 or better
Free space on HD 20 MB
Languages: English
64-bit version and upgrade 6.0 available for support/Business user.

Support/Business License*

After receipt of your payment
you will get your download link by e-mail
Revocation policy


*For private users optional. For companies mandatory

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