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Word processing.
To write a letter or short document you will not need an oversized office package. RtfWriter offers a lot of text formatting features. It creates files in RTF format which are compatible with MS Word and other word processing applications.

  • New! Save encrypted documents
  • Different fonts, font-sizes, font-colors etc. in one document
  • Set foreground and background color of text,
  • Insert images into the document. (BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF)
  • Export embedded images as BMP
  • Insert links in RTF documents
  • Show RTF Code
  • Export RTF to HTML (images included)
  • Export RTF to DOC, PDF, BMP

System requirements:
Windows 8, 10
(May be used with older versions of Windows. No guarantee)
Min. resolution 800x600
Language: English
64-bit version available for support/company user.

Support freeware.
Every donation will help to offer freeware in the future.

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