Comment DataProtect2 Pro

Security Tool
Every year tremendous losses are caused by industrial espionage so make sure your confidential data are not available for third party without your explicit consent.
  • Encrypt files and documents
  • Secure delete files

  • Encrypt/Decrypt multiple files
  • Creates an individual encryption key

Secure delete files
Secure delete files so they are not restorable. DataPriotect will overwrite the files up to 10x before deleting them.

If you use Windows to delete files they will be restorable for a certain time. To prevent recovering deleted files use this feature.

  • Delete multiple files
  • View files prior to delete them

System requirements:
Windows 8, 10
(May be used with older versions of Windows. No guarantee)
Screen resolution 800x600 or higher
Free space on HD 10 MB
Languages: English
64-bit version available for support/company user.

Support freeware.
Every donation will help to offer freeware in the future.

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