MultiCode Pro

Editor for several programming languages:
  • Line numbering
  • Bookmarks
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code proposals
  • Execute code
  • Recently used files

Support for Vbscript, Javascript and g/g++ (free c/c++ compiler) 

VBscript and Javascript are now directly supported by MultiCode. When executing such a script you may choose if it should be executed by the WSH (Windows Script Host), by MultiCode or by a browser depending on the kind of script you wrote. If g/g++ is available on your system, compile your c-code from MultiCode.

Execute by MultiCode
Scripts which need paramter values should by executed by MultiCode because it will ask for the values to be passed to the script. After execution MultiCode will display the return value (function) or if an error occured will display a detailed error message containing:

  • Error number
  • Error description
  • Code line where the erro occured
  • Detailed error position (row/column)

All scripts that are declared as Function or Sub can be executed by MultiCode.

Execute by WSH
Script code without any declaration as function or sub should be executed by the WSH.

If your script accesses HTML elements or needs a HTML page to work properly it should be of course executed by a browser.


Create/edit code proposals

You may edit and expand existing code proposals or create new ones for other languages. With your freeware version you may use existing code proposals but may not create new ones or edit existings proposal files.

  • Clear arranged editing list with keywords- und code column
  • Add/remove lines
  • Sort list  
  • Insert easily LF into code
  • Import text files


Search/replace in multiple files

MultiCode PRO offers a feature to find/replace text in multiple files at once. Different from other applications you will get a result list to get an exact overview if and in which files the operation succeeded.

Search options :

  • You have several options to control the search/replace operations
  • Chooise 'WholeWord; Case sensitive or
  • Replace only the first match or all matches

Monitoring results:

  • Search and Result list 
  • Result list contains the files where the operatioon succeeded 
  • If no matches found the file remains in the search list
  • You may open every file from the lists in the editor
  • Send files back to search list to start a new operation etc.
System requirements:
Windows 8, 10
Screen resolution min. 800x600 px
Free space on HD min. 25 MB
Language: English

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