Javascript development made easy
For webpages featuring more than displaying text and graphics, you will need Javascript to provide functionality and user interaction. JScriptor offers an integrated environment to make Javascript development easy. Code completion

Code completion will automatically display the respective methods and properties of an object. Every time you type the '.' key a popup window will appear that contains the methods and properties available for the identified object. Code proposals

You may access general Javascript functions and reserved words that are not available in the context-sensitive code completion by the code proposal feature. Press CTRL+SPACE. A popup window will show the Javascript reserved words and general funtions that are not linked to a specific object. Select a proposal and press RETURN. A code sample will be inserted at the current cursor position.
Execute scripts

Test your script code by mouse click. The integrated browser will execute your code and return the result. If an error occurs a detailed information will be displayed like error code, error description, and the precise position of the first character that caused the error.

System requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
10 MB of free space on HD


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