Pure HTML/XHTML editor. If you do not need an integrated  HTML designer to create your websites HtLite is a slim HTML editor and a comfortable and low priced option.


  • XHTML compatible code formatting
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code proposals
  • Bookmarks
  • Code validation
  • Search/Replace in multiple files
  • Save file UTF-8 encoded

Search/replace in multiple files
The maintenance of a webpage may be very complex. Usually you will have to edit multiple files.
HtLite offers a feature to find/replace text in multiple files at once. Different from other applications you will get a result list to get an exact overview if and in which files a search/replace operation succeeded.

Search options:

  • You will get several options to control the search/replace operations
  • Select 'WholeWord" or "Case sensitive"
  • Decide to replace only the first match or all matches

Monitoring results

  • Search and Result list 
  • Result list contains the files where the operatioon succeeded 
  • If no matches found the file remains in the search list
  • You may open every file from the lists in the editor
  • Send files back to search list to start a new operation etc.

System requirements:
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Screen resolution 800x600 or better
Free space on HD only 5 MB
Languages: German/English
32-bit an 64-bit version available.